Get Cash with No Faxing Required

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Do I have to fax any information to the lender to apply for a payday loan?

Get Cash with No Faxing Required

Those in need of a relatively small amount of money can get cash with no faxing required in the form of a payday loan. A payday loan is a loan which is typically issued based on the applicant's income and the repayment period is usually very short. Most payday loans require the borrower to repay the loan in full by the second payday after the loan is approved. Depending on when the loan is issued, the borrower may even be required to repay this loan by the first payday after the loan is approved.

The information required to secure a payday loan is usually proof of identity and proof of employment. This information can generally be provided online or over the telephone, eliminating the need to fax documents to the lender during the application process. The lender may require the applicant's bank to fax a copy of his most recent bank statement during the application process, but the applicant will not be required to fax any information directly to the lender. Even his employment information can typically be verified by having the lender contact the employer.



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