No Fax and No Teletrack Loans

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What is a no-teletrack loan?

No Fax and No Teletrack Loans

A no-Teletrack payday loan involves a bad credit payday loan or no credit check payday loan that does not run any check for verification at all. All you need is to simply provide some sort of state-issued ID, such as a driver's license, to secure the payday loan. While this may seem attractive at first, it could also involve dangers. Essentially, by not performing a Teletrack check, the company has no idea of your previous payday loan history (if it exists). By not checking, they assume the worst and plan for it with higher than normal interest rates and fees, penalties and other hidden costs.

Companies that offer no-Teletrack payday loans are more likely to be illegal, potentially using your information for identity theft or other practices. It is best to avoid these companies. With, we've assembled reputable companies that require this basic background check. Unless you have something to hide, this should not be a concern for you whatsoever. also offers the convenience of helping you acquire a payday loan through a no fax payday loan process. You won't have to worry about faxing in forms, as most of our companies will accept information through us right over the Internet!



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