Don't Be a Victim

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How can I avoid being the victim of a payday loan scam?

Don't Be a Victim

Cash loans have become increasingly popular because they can help people, but it also gives scammers a way to take advantage of others. Here are a few ways to avoid falling victim to a scam.

1. Throw out spam emails. Legitimate companies do not need to send you bulk emails soliciting you to take loans. Use that spam filter and ignore them.

2. Avoid Up-front fees. If someone wants money from you up front in the hope of receiving a loan, don't do it. You may as well kiss that money goodbye.

3. Avoid disclosure. Don't tell a cash advance company why you need the loan. You'll be more vulnerable!

With all of these methods to defraud people, is an oasis. We deal only with bona fide businesses in the marketplace. We don't solicit on their behalf and they don't solicit to you. There are no up-front fees to use our services to bring lenders to you. Also, we verify these companies before they have access to your information.



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