Deciding if a Cash Loan is Right for You

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How can I make the most of my cash advance loan?

Deciding if a Cash Loan is Right for You

A check advance can keep you on track financially when you use them correctly.

Tip 1. A check advance provides an immediate, short-term solution for your financial short-fall.

  • It can happen to anyone. You realize that you have more bills than money in your bank account and payday is days away. A payday cash loan can help.
  • Determine exactly how much money you need and borrow only that amount.
  • Check advance lenders trust you to be the expert on your own financial situation. Only you know what financial obligations you must meet with your next paycheck, so it is up to you to make a budget and repayment plan before you borrow.

Tip 2. A payday cash loan is intended as an occasional option.
  • Consider credit counseling if you find yourself using cash loans regularly. Also, reexamine your use of a check advance loan. For example, are you using your check advance to meet an unavoidable expense?
Tip 3. Ask yourself key questions before you apply for a payday cash loan.

You can be reasonably certain that you are making the best use of a check advance by asking yourself the following questions.

  • Will the absence of financial help provided by the loan create additional financial hardship? (bounced check fees, disconnected utilities and associated reconnection costs, job or income loss related to inability to get to work because car is in disrepair, etc.)



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